Movement of The Free people of Europe,

who openly expose the breakdown of the European Union.

Because we trust in humans and humanity and a falling empire does a lot of damage and makes a lot of victims, it is better to show the world it is collapsing. 

Europe is a great continent with great people and freedom. It is possible to save and revive this for the next generation before they are fully put into tax slavery. We don't work on a political, organised or structured follow up, because humanity already has all the capabilities to take care of themselves, their fellow citizens and their loved ones. The EU government is suppressing your abilities to take care of yourself and created a monopoly on healthcare, natural resources, education, freedom and security only by keeping it from the free people. 

The governmental system of the European Union works against freedom and their self fulfilling prophecy feeds on the control and manipulation of the free people. Everyone knows they are put to work into this tax slave society, everyone realises they have become slaves of their own political creation. Now this starts rolling it does not come to a stop before the complete political moral corrupted elite has fallen apart. It is only a matter of awareness. Trust it, the uprise is everywhere.

EU politicians say they

bring peace 
but have brought conflict

create economical progress, money and wealth
but take your money and stuff theirs and their servants pockets by making debts which your children have to pay for.

Facilitate life but bring legislation and bureaucracy to create limitations and boundaries to life and its abundance. 

bring stability
but have brought instability between groups.

help countries outside of the EU
but are a disturbance and false authority to other societies and people living on this planet as they are to the Europeans.

know what is best for the people
but have no idea.

are the guardians of freedom
but are guards of imprisonment.

Spend billions on healthcare
but make people sick and make you believe you have mental problems

Are here to protect you
but protect themselves against the people by telling you lies and stealing your freedom and your free speech.

fight organised crime
But together with the worldwide banking system run the most organised tax enslavement humanity has ever realised and it is only to be exposed on one simple balance sheet. Why do children and newborns have to pay for the (state) debts politicians have made?

We trust in humanity as a whole and the combined strength and knowledge of the free people is a thousand times bigger than that of a crumbling ideological, financial and political elite system. There is no conspiracy only the one you keep believing in.

The ones who are starting this movement are free and an opposing entity against the political EU elite. Their effort is already spreading and active, there are no limitations in the expression and effectiveness, because this movement is not owned by one or some, just realised by everyone. There is no world power which is able to control absolute freedom. All human powers who think they are in control will collapse.

M. Muyres 

The Netherlands

One of many